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Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Month

I haven't posted for quite a long time. Thought I had better get on the ball and say something. A lot has happened in my life since my last post. I have developed a few more health problems even had a couple of mini strokes. I also lost my Dad which devastated me. Something I may never get over as Dad and I were so very close and I miss him dearly.

I've been very busy in some groups that I co-own with 2 very dear friends, Rischa and Tracie, I have their links on my page so you ought to go visit, boy they have fantastic blog pages. Tracie even shares some of her designs that you can pick up. So go take a look.

OK, that's it for tonight, I will try to do better from now on!!!

1 comment:

Jeanne said...

I am so very sorry you lost your Dad my darling friend.
I am not sure if I knew of this.........
It is very hard to lose our loved ones.
I hope your health improves also.
I love you so much