Welcome friends so happy that you dropped in.
I am hoping to create a blog of interests for everyone who visits.

I am into digital scrapbooking, using PSP and Photoshop.
I love learning about creating and design.

I am just now starting my blog so I don't
have much in the way interesting items yet.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So Tired Tonight

I had intentions of writing and working on my blog today and tonight but it's already after 1am and I'm just a bit to tired tonight.

I had some wonderful dear friends visit my blog and I was so thrilled to read what they said. OK, I am off to bed and hopefully I will do some more work on this blog.


Jeanne said...

Oh how sweet and lovely is all that you share.
Love you Sugar Plum!

Artsy said...

Wow..nice to see you Vic! I didn't know this blog was here.


Jeanne said...

Love you Sugar Plum.
Happy Friday and weekend!

Rischa said...

Hi Vicki, I got your email, but I'm on my laptop, not my emailing computer. So I thought I would drop by your blog and say I was thinking about you. I hope your back is feeling better. I read your email as I was leaving today, so didn't have time to reply right then. I'm sitting up with my furry kiddo now. We had our last surgery today and she's to wear an E-collar unless I'm with her. So I'm not gonna be on my regular puter much. :-p OK...now I've officially writen more on your blog than I have my own. LOL Feel better soon my friend! Hugs and love, Rischa

Anonymous said...

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Rischa said...

Hey Vic, You've been tagged! Check my blog:


Love ya,